Global Beatles Day: Our favourite Beatles hits!

Global Beatles Day: Our favourite Beatles hits!

Did you know that 25 June is Global Beatles Day?

On this day, fans across the globe celebrate the music and history of John, Ringo, Paul and George!

The Beatles have sold 600 million albums worldwide, won an impressive seven Grammy Awards and have even knocked themselves off the top of the UK charts twice!

This November we’re welcoming The Mersey Beatles to Northwich Memorial Court! The band have been together since 1999 and have performed all around the world as the Fab Four.

As we look ahead to next year’s show and today’s celebration of The Beatles, we thought we would share some of our own favourite Beatles hits! Do you have a favourite Beatles song?

I Want To Hold Your Hand

I Want To Hold Your Hand was released all the way back in 1964 and was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Just listen to the audience reaction in this performance!

Hello, Goodbye

Who could forget these iconic colourful outfits worn in the Hello, Goodbye video?


Help! was released in July 1965 and was also the title track of their fifth album. On Rolling Stone’s prestigious 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list it came in at an impressive number 29.

Penny Lane

Named after a street in Liverpool, this song was written and inspired by Paul McCartney’s life in the city.

Yellow Submarine

Did you know Yellow Submarine was originally written as a children’s song? The artwork for the song was designed by Heinz Edelmann.

All You Need Is Love

Who can forget the scene in Love Actually when all the guests start to play and sing All You Need Is Love at the wedding of Keira Knightley’s character Juliet? The song was penned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and has become a favourite love song all around the world.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude spent a whopping 19 week run on the charts and was the UK’s top-selling single back in 1968. It represents a poignant part of The Beatles history, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as the song that “sums up the Beatles turbulent summer of 1968” where friendships were frayed, but nonetheless has become a classic hit and fan favourite over the past 50 years.

Come Together

Come Together was the opening track to the 1969 Abbey Road album and was a top ten single in the UK. In 2012, the British band Arctic Monkeys covered the hit at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.


Did you know Yesterday is the most covered song in history, and has been covered over 3000 times? It’s also the name of the 2019 film from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis which features songs from the band, and is about a failing musician (played by Himish Patel) who wakes up from an accident to discover he’s the only person who can remember the hits of The Beatles!

Want to hear more of these classic songs?

Join us for The Mersey Beatles live at Northwich Memorial Court on Friday 5 November 2021! More info and tickets can be found here.