Who would the England squad be in our pantomimes?

Who would the England squad be in our pantomimes?

As football fever hits Europe and we are already looking ahead to our forthcoming season, we thought which England players would be great cameos in some of our favourite pantomimes?

Gareth Southgate as The King

Kings always must look their best and waistcoats became a fashion staple back in 2018 when Gareth Southgate was seen sporting them on the pitch sidelines.

Well respected by all his subjects (the team), but is always there to lend a helping hand and encourage others.

Like a King rules the Kingdom, Southgate rules over his team and hopes to carry them through to this year’s finals and to the crown trophy!

Harry Kane as The Lion

In the Wizard of Oz, the Lion goes on a quest for courage only to discover he had it all along! While off the pitch Kane takes a more quiet and unassuming role, on the pitch he is a brave leader and courageous as he captains his team.

Not forgetting the kit also features the symbol of three lions!

Jack Grealish as The Genie

25-year-old Aston Villa player Jack Grealish like the Magic Genie can make anything happen! Whether it’s scoring goals or the perfect assist, this midfield maestro makes magic on the pitch!

Marcus Rashford as Prince Charming

Throughout the show we are always rooting for Prince Charming to live happily-ever-after, and this is certainly the case with Marcus Rashford who over the past few years has not only shown his football skills, but also his compassion and willingness to help others in need.

Declan Rice as Buttons

Every team has its funny guy and like Buttons Declan Rice loves a joke or two! In training and behind-the-scenes he can be found keeping the team spirits high, and as we know Buttons loves to make people laugh!

Raheem Sterling as Peter Pan

Manchester City player Raheem Sterling has been showing off his skills this season by “flying” down the wings, and in true Peter Pan-hero-style has scored two goals for England!

Whilst the England squad won’t be taking to the stage this December, we certainly have plenty of entertainment coming up for you including Jack and the Beanstalk at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall and Sleeping Beauty at Northwich Memorial Court.

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